Marketing on the web/The rest of the story.

For over a decade now Ive tried to figure out a way to market on the web and make a little extra money. I set myself a couple of rules when I started doing it.  #1---- I would Not do any scams.  Don't get me wrong I spammed hundreds of people when I first started trying to get them to sigh up for affiliate programs or to get some traffic to my page (by the way spamming don't frikn work) but i never considered spamming a scam. Little did I know at the time that most of the dang affiliate programs I was offering were Scams.. They got people like me to promote them and then closed down shop and disappeared with the money.. and #2-- I would NOT spend any money on programs or pages.. Good thing too cause like i said 99.9% of the crap on the web is a scam... I guess no one on here knows how to earn a honest buck..  Least not many of them.

Simple Thoughts of a Simple Mind

I'm just sitting here listening to some Def Leppard trying to put a few words on this page so it can go live. blogs like people change all the time so this will evolve over time. Ive got lots of thoughts about jobs the economy and life and i wanna share them with who ever finds this and leave a record for my kids being i never hardly get to see them. some posts may be sad. some dark and some full of joy. Time will tell.